How to get more done.

A new habit of mine..organizing my day. Ok, I'm sure a lot of you may already do this, but I've had huge progress in my health/business/life since I started using this system and want to share!

I'm all about making everything less time consuming, from meals to workouts, or meditating and journaling. All the things you know you should be doing because of the benefits but get overwhelmed at the thought of fitting them into your day. Here's the key thing I've learned: it's not the actually doing of the task that makes it overwhelming it's the thinking about having to do it.

What if you just got more organized and effortlessly accomplished more?

I want to share my new favourite tool, the productivity planner. You don't need to have the planner in order to use the same system, it just makes it a whole lot easier.

Every morning you take about five minutes and think of all the things you need to accomplish that day. Then you fill in the page ranking tasks from most important to least important. Another key: only focus on three to five tasks per day. Sometimes we try and dabble in too many things at once, leaving us with a ton of half done tasks.

You then estimate the time it will take to do each task. And when you are ready to go, you put your phone on airplane mode, put a timer on and get to work! Starting with the most important task of the day first.

And thats not all, at the end of the day, you get to rank yourself on a productivity score based on how much you accomplished that day. This tracking really gets you aware of areas where you can improve and what makes you procrastinate (eg. social media notifications on your phone!)

Try it out and I promise you'll find yourself getting a whole lot more done in your day!

If you are interested in buying the planner click here :)