Post Weekend Food Guilt.

You wake up Monday morning, you ate a ton of "bad food" on the weekend, you feel sluggish and bloated. Those temporary enjoyments are leaving you full of regret. What do you automatically do? Most plan drastic actions to undo the damage. You plan on "good behavior" all week, salads, workouts, juices etc. Sound familiar?

A lot of us take the approach, if we just pushed ourselves a little more, tried harder, that would lead to change. Here's the thing, a push involves resistance, a struggle. So why would we bother? We as humans resist struggle. If we choose the method of pushing, we end up internally fighting ourselves daily. We battle what we want in the present, with what we want in the future. 

This over planning of choices and putting restrictions on your future behavior, takes you out of the present moment. Life changes, circumstances come up, you need to have flexibility. Too much structure and too many rules take away any trust you have in yourself. Hear me out, what if for this moment everything was perfect. Every past decision and future choice you made was to the best of your ability. From this place you drop the struggle, no feelings of guilt or critiquing and judging behavior. No elaborate future plan to make. 

Have goals but don't create an elaborate restricted plan to reach them.

Allow yourself to get in flow and trust yourself. From this place you will operate in an empowered state and can easily and effortlessly make the right choice. 

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