What do you struggle with?

Lets talk about 'the struggle'. We all have one or many, and it can suck you of time, energy and even cost you relationships. Mine was my health and weight. So naturally I spent hours studying what to do, how to do it, and chase any shiny object that had the answers to my problem. This led me to becoming a Nutritionist. I mean if you're an expert thats got to get rid of the struggle, right?

The further I become "qualified", the more I rebelled with the set of restrictions that kept being piled on. As I sat in a class full of women sipping organic green juice and discussing their latest sugar free, gluten free, gmo free, dairy free dessert recipe, I quickly became uninspired with the idea of perfect health. I badly craved simplicity.

When I graduated, I hit information overload, and swore to go back to the basics in all areas of my life. If you are anything like me and crave self development and improvement in your life, its a slippery slope. One where you can quickly fall into the over consuming hole. This hole is becoming hard to avoid, because of the internet. We have access to way too much information, new experts and varying opinions being voiced every second of the day. It is hard to avoid over consuming and under acting in our life.

🌟Tip: When you learn something new you could be doing, only add it into your life it if it feels good, its easy and you know it will help you. Learn something, apply it and if it doesn't work for you get rid of it!

When I started living from a place of simplicity in what I had to do, the weight was lifted. This sparked a whole lot of motivation in me to help people do the same.

When you drop the struggle, you now have space in your life to CREATE. You have all this new time and energy to create whatever you want in life, to have your dream relationship, business, or lifestyle.

This is the foundation for all my coaching now. When you focus on simple daily actions, you can effortlessly move forward in life. And in a mental state of freedom you can ultimately achieve anything!

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