For the Spiritual Addict.

I tend to gravitate to anything woo woo, no matter how out there it is. Traveled to Thailand twice seeing numerous gurus, sat in many psychics chairs, astrology readings, really anything I came across claiming to give me answers. I recently had an Akashic Records reading (Akashic Records are the entire history of the life of the soul. They contain your soul origins, purpose, past lives, present life, concurrent lives, future lives, and the spiritual connections to people and places). It got me thinking, why some of us are always hunting down answers. Whether we seek spiritual guidance, hire a coach, mentor, it all comes back to craving guidance or clarity on the direction we are headed.

Are we truly lost, or are we looking for reassurance in what we already know?

My Akashic reading woke me up to the fact that I wasn't looking for guidance, I was wanting someone or something to give me permission to act. To act on all the things I know I am meant for, and meant to do.

Getting reassurance is addicting. Many of us with unconventional ideas or paths, rarely get it from those around us. You know why? People that love us want to keep us safe. Keep us on the road most traveled. The road that is filled with many unhappy, unfulfilled people, who may have not been given permission to change. Turning to spiritual guidance, coaches, mentors etc gives us another option. Not what is safe or easy, instead you are often pushed and challenged to go against the status quo, to take control and change anything in your life you are not happy with.

If you get quiet and listen, you will likely be able to answer these for yourself. Ask yourself these questions to give yourself spiritual insight:

  • If I shut out all others opinions and advice, what do I truly want?

  • What am I scared to do, but know deep down that I must?

  • What brings me true joy and happiness? Am I getting enough of it in my life?

  • In what ways am I limiting myself?

Here's a teaser from my reading:

My purpose: To become my truest self, and help others do the same. My message: I have an unconventional message and truth to share in the business and health industry. Who I will work with: Millennial entrepreneurs who are lost, know they are meant for something bigger, are overwhelmed, looking for guidance, be a big sister to help guide and spread truth.

I'm sharing this to say there was no surprises. Sometimes when your entire outside world is pushing you in one direction, but you're intuitively guided elsewhere it's nice to be reassured. And truthfully needed at times for most of us.

What are you waiting on permission to do or to change? Give yourself that permission today.