Are Self Help books doing more harm than good?

I had a big wake up call when I was cleaning off my bookshelf last weekend. Dust covered the collection I accumulated throughout my 20's, hundreds of dollars worth. I took a second to be grateful for the handful of tips that truly helped me, but then I got angry. I started to see the subtle ways the self development industry is somewhat turning into the diet industry. There are different trends, different gurus, monetizing on advice and their opinion. I realized I had spent countless hours gathering information, trying desperately to find shortcuts and answers to my problems. After all every cover promised a solution.

I am by no means saying there is not value in self help books, there sure is. The problem lies in how we are consuming it. When an industry becomes overcrowded, too many people get loud and opinionated, leaving people confused. Action becomes harder to take when there are so many things "you should be doing".

The biggest change/improvement/transformation happened in my life came when I stopped consuming. When you put your energy into learning about what worked for someone else, you take precious and valuable time away from you experiencing what will work for you. Which only comes through action. What if you don't have as much work to do on yourself as you thought?

I'm going to bullet point what I learned over and over again throughout these books, in hopes that maybe you can trust you've heard it all before and can now go do it. 

Vision: You must have one in order to have a clear direction in your life, which will allow you to feel purpose. Program what you want your life to look and feel like, this will give you clarity and motivation to take daily action. Revisit your vision through meditation and feel as though it has already happened, act from this place.

Mindset: Your thoughts create your reality. In order to achieve success you must work through mental blocks, stopping you from believing you are worthy of achieving anything you desire in life. Mediate and sit in silence daily, allow thoughts to come and go, unattached to them. Plant new beliefs through affirmations. eg. I am worthy of x.

Gratitude: You can cultivate abundance through being thankful for what you already have. Its a practice that can instantly bring you happiness. Write down five things that you are grateful for daily.

Habits: What you do daily, is either bringing you closer to your goals or further away. Recognize and bring awareness to what your habits are. Rewire them to positive actions through repetition, it takes 21 days.

Fear: The number one emotion that stops people from taking action. Recognize what your fears are and ask yourself if what you want worth stepping into your fears. Fear is often the invisible driver in our life, take back the control by not listening and taking action regardless of how you feel. Remember you have a vision to fulfill, full of actions that will take you out of your comfort zone.

Journal: Allows your thoughts to get out and help you tune into how you are feeling. It is also a powerful manifestation tool, write down daily what you want to bring into your life.

Environment: Your environment affects your mood, motivation and creativity. Declutter, organize and feel a huge weight lifted. Also, the people in your environment have a huge impact on your levels of success. You are who you surround yourself with, choose people that uplift you.

Motivation: Do not wait for it to come to you before you act, it only comes through action. When you feel you are lacking motivation, revisit your vision, to excite you.

Self love: The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. Get to know yourself through self reflection and diving deep into who you are, learn to love every flaw.