What it's really like working with a Business Coach.

I started my business at the beginning of the year after graduating with my third degree, as a Nutritionist. I was fully aware of my purpose ten years ago, to coach, to help others through personal transformation. I also needed the time in my twenties to go through mine first.

I graduated and was ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. I spent more and more hours on the computer, building a website, creating blog content and keeping up with social media. I started to be bombarded with beautiful (sponsored) photos of women and men covering my newsfeed promising to share their secrets. Whether it was how they went from rags to riches, or achieved freedom based 'five figure months instantly'. I knew these messages were false, but I also knew I needed help to guide me.

I was lucky enough to be able to invest in a business coach who was a friend. I was drawn to her program after witnessing her business and personal transformation. I eagerly signed up for a six month group coaching program to help me.

Throughout the program, the same lesson kept coming up in different ways:

your personal development directly affects your business development. 

Every time I wanted to jump to the next step, I learned there was another mental block (usually fear) I had to work through before I could follow through with action.

Once I learned this lesson, I could clearly see it was at the core of every coaching program. Money, success, freedom, instant weight loss was the hook to get you in, but once you are through the door the message is simple. If you want results you must do daily mindset work, and from that strategic action in complete alignment.

My business coach  Joanna Turner :)

My business coach Joanna Turner :)

Whether you choose to work with a business coach, a life coach or a health coach. There is always going to be a stairway to climb. The tools may be different in each industry, but it's

your mindset that will give you the resilience to keep going.

I want to let you know (the consumer of ads such as quick fix weight loss or overnight business success), there is no secret. Only a balance of consistent inner work and outer work that will eventually lead to a successful business, like anything else.

Entrepreneurship is a bitch. It can take you down easily if you let it. The failed launches, your family and friends trying to get you under a safe corporate umbrella, you may question your ability at times, it goes on. To get through this you need mental resilience.

You need to build an inner confidence that allows you to see the end vision in sight, to positively affirm your ability to make it happen everyday.

To reach a health or weight loss goal, once you get it programmed in your mind, the work becomes almost effortless. Everyone can relate to the attempt at following a diet, IT'S TEMPORARY because once you "mess up" you stop. That's because all of the focus is on outward action.

We need to crush the perception that investing a crazy amount of money lets you in on "industry secrets", in whatever area you are trying to improve. The same tools (mindset, affirmations, vision) that I learned to apply to my business are the same tools I use to help my clients reach their health goals. 

Remember, there's no one you can pay to do the work for you,

this is work that must be done by you, for you.

Get guidance and help to go through the journey, to help you stay the course, but get someone who speaks to inner and outer work. Get someone who's not going to just throw you a manual, but is there to talk to every step of the way and push you through any fears that may come up. Get someone to keep you accountable, and whose passion lies in your success.

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