Showing Up As You.

You won't magically be you when you arrive at your destination, if you don't stay you through the journey. 

If what you are doing is not inline with who you are, you will fail to stay the course. Something's gotta give. You can resist, conform, stretch to some ideal version of who you think people want you to be, who you think people will admire, an idealistic version of perfection. Which by the way can only be achieved through a multitude of filters, covering the flaws of not only your image, but your voice, your thoughts, and every inch of who you are.

We are surrounded with platforms, encouraging us to share, yet instead of connecting, we are comparing. We are judging others, and ourselves. Leaving us consuming, rather than creating in fear of not being able to produce perfection.

My wake up call: Came in the form of a phone call from my best friend. "Sometimes you're not being yourself online, it's hard to watch."

Oh no he didn't..

But he did. He is of the blunt type, and unable to hold back an opinion. Something I love in him and absolutely can't stand. You know when someone calls you out, it hurts so bad, you don't know what else to do but fight them on it? Thats what came next. "You try putting yourself out there for everyone to judge". I kept arguing till I needed to take a breath.."You're right" I sighed.


Where did I go wrong? I slowly started to over filter the shit out of my message, my voice, and my image in order to appear vague and in the middle. By not picking a side, or having a strong voice, you keep yourself safe, unjudged and un memorable. Which left me disconnected from why I started this online platform in the first place.

The truth: None of this is for me (the online business, blog, coaching), but I made it about me.

My why: About 5 years ago, in my darkest moment, I was lost, overweight, low self esteem and lacking purpose and direction in my life. It was there that I swore once I got my life together I would make it my job to help others do the same. It was the life changing transformation I experienced, that motivated me to dedicate my life to coaching. I have a lot of work to do and a lot of positive change I hope to spark in others, but unfortunately I got in my own way.

In a smoke and mirrors online world, I want to ignite connection. I want to show up as myself, in order for others to have permission to be authentic. Not only sharing my health journey but my life journey; building a business, the insecurities, staying motivated and true to who you are etc.

My message as always been to keep your health simple. But there is more to it now: make life simple by being yourself. 

Would love to hear from you: