Lost motivation with your weight loss goal? Get back on track today!

Do you find yourself constantly looking for a new diet to follow, only to self sabotage before seeing any results? You had all the tools in front of you, but couldn't find the motivation to stick with it?  

I like to put it this way, reaching any goal is 80% mindset, 20% action.  

You don't need more information on how and what to eat, you need to act on what you already know when it comes to your health.

Simplify things and transformation is possible!

Here's what you need to do NOW:

1. Write down what you want. One of the most effective ways to improve mindset is to keep a journal or planner. Use it to capture feelings, plan your day efficiently, and track your weight loss goal. Here are some tips: At the start of every day open your journal and read over 3 goals you are currently working towards. (eg. weigh 140 lbs by April 2017) Get specific, use numbers and dates to make it easier to track progress. Next, write down everything you plan to do over the course of the day to get you closer to hitting that goal (Example: go to the gym for one hour, pack a healthy lunch etc). At the end of each day, take a moment to reflect. Was there anything you could do better tomorrow? Learn from the past, and commit to getting better everyday.

2. Get real with yourself. Are there any fears standing in the way of you reaching your goals? Do some inner work. Fears come from a sense of what could possibly happen. Your subconscious mind holds onto your emotions, memories and beliefs. Its there to protect you from perceived threats, real or not, your subconscious doesn't favor change. For example many subconsciously hold onto extra weight as a form of protection. Ask yourself what you are afraid will happen, and take the time to do the inner work and let it go. Also you need to find your pain point with the current state of your health. What will it cost you if you don't reach your goal? Lack of confidence? Your health?

3. Use slipups as a learning tool. Embrace failure. It gives you the most valuable feedback on what is and isn't working. The ability to grow as humans, comes from learning from your failures. When you check in with yourself at the end of the day and you don't feel great, your behavior is playing a part. Match your actions to how you want to feel. If you overate the night before, remember how that felt. Or if certain foods made you feel weighed down, use past feelings to dictate your choices today.

4. Get excited where you're at. Excitement creates movement forward and puts a positive force behind it. This will ultimately lead to the motivation you need. Work on your state of being daily. Check in with yourself and think of all the reasons to be grateful, and all that you have to look forward to. If weight loss is the goal, you need to accept your current body and look forward to the changes. How good will it feel when you reach your goal? How will your energy, confidence, life be better? Write it down. Create a why behind your goal that gets you so excited, you'll make any changes necessary to get you there fast!

5. The Right Strategy. You've heard it before. creating a healthy lifestyle will lead to long term results. Certain tools will help certain people based on their cravings, lifestyle, habits and behavior. You will need to use trial and error to figure out yours, or get a coach to help you! Some of the strategies I use with clients:  

  • Food journal

  • Daily check ins to keep accountable

  • Eliminating certain food groups that cause inflammation or cravings (eg. refined sugar, gluten etc)

  • Intermittent fasting

  • Swapping current go to foods for a healthier version (eg, almond milk instead of cow's milk, stevia instead of sugar etc)

There are so many more tools to choose from. Find what works for you, based on your results and your ability to stick with it.

I would love to help support & motivate you to reach your goal this year!