Eat the shit sandwich.

“Because if you love and want something enough – whatever it is – then you don’t mind eating the shit sandwich that comes with it.” Elizabeth Gilbert

What I want is to coach, to lead, to inspire, to help others follow their passion. My shit sandwich is fear of judgement.

Its ugly and often lies within all of us. I call it ugly because it often keeps us from doing a lot of beautiful things; sharing who we are, our words, our story, our art, our passions.

I need to talk about this more because of the astonishing amount of talented people I talk to who have big dreams, desires and ideas but they’re buried beneath layers of fears and self-consciousness. We’re all overwhelmed by the idea of other people's opinions and expectations of us. Lets be real, do you really think everyone in the world is sitting back and watching your life? Your every move? And taking precious time out of theirs to critique yours?

Yet the abstract idea that they might- is leaving you crippled and stuck.

We all do it- Better to be known for nothing than judged for being something, you tell yourself.

That nasty little voice judging your every move and decision suppresses your individuality and creativity. Each time you want to share, you doubt yourself beforehand, and criticize yourself ruthlessly afterward because you have this idea that the whole worlds doing it too.

If this is you…

Your challenge is to make an effort everyday to bring out your true self. Learn to value and appreciate your own creative talents, thoughts, ideas, above anyone else's judgments. Its a process, a journey to become independent and free of the need to please others. Start by sharing something that you’ve been scared to share or take an action that you’d fear would draw opinions.

If you find yourself holding back in your business or really going after a career you truly want:

Recognize that what you love and want so badly will come with a shit sandwich, and it is your job to eat it because you know damn well it is worth it if you do.