Kill Resistance.

I used to wait my life away and wasted years not being myself. Resisting everything I could be and could do. I’d go through the motions of a redundant routine hoping for a spark of motivation tomorrow, hoping that one day things would be different. Tomorrow always held the hope that I’d feel good enough to be myself, to take action, to put myself out there. I’d create problems that I’d need to fix. Listing things about myself that made me not ready. Did you know that shitty mindset is actually just resistance? That thing you are trying to “fix” (your body, your feelings, your situation) gives you a reason to procrastinate and permission to wait. If you were truly ready than you’d have to take bold moves, step into your power and well, your life would change. 

We’ve all heard it- change is uncomfortable. But do you really get it? You are uncomfortable with the idea of being powerful and you’re doing everything you can to resist it. Resistance is the thief of dreams and the cause of creative destruction. You think you have a procrastination problem? You don’t. Resistance is whats really hiding behind your procrastination. You are resisting the person you could become if you dropped your fears and took action. That powerful version of yourself would be capable of doing and creating amazing things and that scares you.

Self improvement? Great, BUT live through it. Don’t put your life on pause. Don’t go after something once you have lived up to some ideal version of yourself. Once you’ve gathered all of the information. Once you feel confident. Once you’ve learned all the steps. Once you’ve lost the weight. Once you have a cheer squad. Once you have everyone’s permission.

If you live your life with the thought that you’ll start __________ once you ___________.

You are wasting time.

Stop resisting and start today.
You want to build your business? Start. 
You want to share your story? Start.
You want to share your message? Start.
You want to start that blog? Start. 
You want to get on video? Start. 

Stop being selfish and hiding who you are and what you’re capable of. The world needs you in your power.