Time Offline.

So social media and I were in a relationship that just wasn’t working.
In a “its not you, its me” kind of way… meaning I had the work to do.

Its crazy to think how fast this whole online world is moving.
More and more sharing, exposing.
More and more time spent scrolling, consuming.

I don’t have some cliche blog post coming your way about the 5 ways my life totally changed being offline for a month.
Did it feel good? yes. 
I was craving space from it all and tried to look at why.
Here’s what came up:
If you’re constantly craving space, time alone, time away from things, people- are you being yourself? Is it the need to act a certain way that exhausts you?
Do those things/people/platforms lend to your inauthenticity?

I jumped into this crazy online coaching space with one desire: to bring purpose to the pain I went through, to empower others, to hold space for transformations, you know the ush.
And with that desire I naively began- collecting certifications, credentials and clients.

Quick to learn this whole following your desires shit is hard work.

You know what makes it hard? Following your deepest desires brings out your greatest points of resistance (deep rooted fears, insecurities, doubts)

My coach praises flow.
Sounds like a great goal, work through the resistance, get to a place where life flows in a way that is perfectly aligned with who you are, what you want, what you do.

My attempt at reaching flow has not been a linear process, taking time to connect to what feels right and wrong, to question, to shift, to know when to take a step back and when to jump in.
Having to get curious when resistance comes up and act through fears, none of it easy.
I guess you could say the only way to reach flow is through an uneasy, yet completely rewarding journey of self discovery.


Your relationship with social media is a great place for a little self discovery 💜

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