What you need to start an Online Business.

Too often in coaching sessions people tell me they fantasize about escaping their current job or career. That their unhappiness and symptoms of depression are nothing but a byproduct of what they do for a living. And if the job were just to change, well then they’d find themselves living a completely different life. The intrigue of leaving the old behind and running to something new and exciting, chasing “freedom”, its more than tempting. I know, I impulsively chased it and it was the best decision I ever made. Hard as hell at times but worth it. Which brings me to why I am writing this. There are small moments of glitz and glamour in this entrepreneur online world, which is what it being shown to you (social media). Awareness of what's behind the curtain will save you from blindly jumping towards it. 

So let's pull back the curtain..

What do you really need to start an Online Business?

Self Belief. You are going to need to cultivate an absolute belief in yourself, what you are capable of doing and achieving before: 1. Anyone else believes you can 2. You have proof you can in fact do it. You see opinions may flood in or there will be silence, both can cause doubt. Start working on your belief system today and it will be the greatest gift you give yourself. Our beliefs hold us back more than anything else in life, imagine if you truly believed you could go after or do anything, how different your life would be right now!?

Self Awareness. Know what you are good at and where you have opportunity to grow. When you’re creating something play off of your natural strengths, it will help you get in flow and make creating more effortless. What do people always come to you for help with? What do you find yourself always reading or learning up on? What do you have that could be of value to others, your words? A service? A product? Remember you don’t always need to bring passion to every single thing you do in your Business. A  mistake I see a lot do is take something they are interested in and create a business around it. For example they like health and fitness and decide to become a health coach, quickly realizing it was more of a personal hobby and less exciting when running a business around it. When it comes to self awareness list out what is most important to you (your values). List out what you are good at. 

Personal Responsibility. If there is something you don’t like, your job, your relationship, your finances, it's time to take full ownership over your life. You have the power and the ability to change. Drop the excuses and take small steps daily towards that dream life. There is no longer time or reasons to hide behind excuses, as a business owner you must keep moving forward. Take responsibly for your actions, create discipline and willpower to stay focused.

A willingness to get uncomfortable and get visible. Now more than ever a personal brand is necessary to build a connection with your audience. Share your story, your knowledge, what you have learned from failures, document your journey. There is so much noise online, people want to connect to a human rather than a product or service. Be ready to show up authentically. Don’t wait until you are ready, you will never be ready because it's uncomfortable. Take small actions, just outside your comfort zone every day. 

Content. Focus on giving and trust you will receive. Use social media as a platform to help people; share what you know, your story and valuable content. 

Patience. Any overnight success with business, is like winning the lottery, extremely rare. Consistency is going to be key, are you willing to put in the work everyday and trust that one day it will pay off? This is what it takes.

Willingness to fail and learn. Starting anything new will involve trial and error. This is where you will learn to not take things personally, the quicker you disconnect your emotions from your actions, the quicker you can take more risks that have the potential to pay off.

A product or service to sell. Here is where you go from having a hobby to having a business. There will be a lot of sharing and giving for free in the beginning, be ok with this. Its an opportunity for you to gather feedback and learn from your ideal clients, how can you improve before you start charging? Take time to gather testimonials. Once you feel confident and positive what you have can help someone and be of use, it's time to invite people to purchase your product or service.

A Coach or Mentor. In order to do the things above, you will have to push through any resistance that comes up. I’ve seen it with myself and others that start a business, the amount of self development that comes with the journey is undeniable. The money you invest in your own development will directly pay off in your business. What you can accomplish with a Coach helping you will save you years going at it alone.

What don't you need to start?

A fancy website. Don’t get caught up on the aesthetics and branding in the beginning, it will come with time. By focusing on the “backend” of your business, you will fall behind. There is so much learning and growth when it comes to everything else. 

Money to market. Use your network, friends and family instead. Give, give, give and show people what you are capable of and have them so excited they willingly share your business to others.

A cheerleading squad. You don’t need to have the approval of everyone around you before you go after something. You are the only one who will ever know what is best for you. Tune in to your intuition and filter out the outside noise. 

To have it all figured out. Some waste years because they firmly believe they need to know all the steps to take before taking the first one. 

Plan less and execute more will be the key to you getting started!

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