8 Ways To Add Positive Energy To Your Space.

If you’re feeling stuck, negative, unmotivated and depressed, well it could be the energy around you to blame. Sure we give off energy but the space around us holds it too. As you may know, I just moved; new city, new house. I took it upon myself to go balls to the walls with making this new space feel good.

Here are 8 tips to add more positive energy to your home. They take little effort and may just be what you need to get out of that funk. Here we go..

Nobody wants a stuffy home, open the windows and get fresh air flowing. Even if you open up your windows once a day for a few minutes, you can will release built-up toxins and help more positive energy flow into your home. You'll also sleep better and feel refreshed when you wake up. My best sleeps have always been at cabins or cottages in nature with windows open. The sunlight into your home will also help you produce Vitamin D, which will make you feel happier almost instantly!

Smudging has been around for thousands of years, you’ve heard of sageing? Same thing. Basically its burning plants to clear and bless a space. The smoke that comes off will cleanse the air of bacteria and viruses. You can “smudge” your space any time. Here’s some good times to do it:
* You move into a new home
* You begin a new job or career
* Negative Nancy was at your home
* Before meditation
* You have just had a fight with your boyfriend (note: don’t try smudging them, it will aggravate the situation) 

Buy a smudging stick, light it up, blow the flame out gently. The smoke cleanse the air around you. Walk throughout your home holding the stick. 

Just like smudging, oils cleanse the air and help raise your vibes.
Some oils you’ll want to try:
* Peppermint: clears tension and negative energies. Also great for getting rid of headaches.
Rose: One of the highest vibrational oils. Burn it up and manifest like a mofo. 
* Cedar wood: counters major energies (ghosts)
* Lavender: calming.
* Sage: a popular oil for neutralizing energy.
* Palo santo: helps clear the negative and brings on good luck!

Your clutter is most likely crap. I call it junk, dave calls it useful stuff that we might one day use…Have you heard of the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’? Concepts simple; either you love it and use it or you chuck it. Know that by getting rid of those unnecessary things around you, it will clear the overall energy of your home. This is probably the most effective tip to getting you feeling better instantly. Donate your ‘skinny clothes’, chuck anything broken, recycle the old electronics, organize your junk drawer, and sell your hot ticket items you no longer need/use on kijji or ebay.

Bonus: Decluttering cleanses your home, but it also cleanses your body. Stepping into a cluttered space, instantly brings on feelings of stress. Stress can cause you to procrastinate, overeat, be less productive etc.

Himalayan salt lamps not only give off a pretty red/pink glow, they also emit healing negative ions that create fresh, clean air. They’re known to up your energy levels, get rid of static electricity from the air, and neutralize radiation and allergens. Also, they help you sleep better and improve your overall mood. 

Nature uplifts and raises your vibration fast so bring it into your home whenever you can. Plants remove harmful gases, pollutants, carbon monoxide and pesticides. Choose easy to care for plants like succulents or ferns and place them in sunny windows and high-traffic areas. When you can. treat yourself to fresh flowers!

We all have a favourite color but did you know certain colours hold energy?
* Orange: creates excitement and boosts your energy.
* Green: is the easiest colour to look at and holds calmness.
* Yellow: uplifts you and can make you happy. 
* Blue: in some people it brings on sadness (“the blues”)
* Purple: brings on creativity.

* Remove Red: increases adrenaline and can bring on anger.

I love me some crystals; pretty and a purpose.
The best for your home:
* Clear quartz: helps bring clarity, protects and expands the energy of your home.
* Rose quartz: heals the heart.
* Turquoise: brings on luck.
* Carnelian: helps with creativity and motivation.
* Celestite: decreases stress and boosts happiness.

There you have it! Let me know if you try any of these tips :)