A Nutritionist who doesn’t want to talk about food. We’ve got a problem, or do we?

I called my best friend last week, “I’m done with food, I don’t want to tell people what to eat.” A thought that has been eating away at me for the past few months. I can’t deny the fact every sign and gut wrenching thought telling me its not what people need. You see when I start working with a new client they immediately want a plan, THE plan, that will be the be all end all to them finally being able to stop overeating, making shitty food choices, so they can slip into skinny jeans, a bikini and feel amazing. Those superficial goals, not a problem. What is? Ignoring everything else in your life and wanting a food plan.

At my heaviest a few years ago, I remember going to see a nutritionist with the only intention of getting the weight off fast. This nutritionist wouldn't even talk to me about what I should be eating, she turned it into a therapy session fast. She could see I had a lot of emotions and feelings I needed to let out. She could see I was unhappy in my job, and in my life and food was just a small part of the equation. I sat on the couch frustrated, and annoyed. I kept wanting a plan, something hardcore, give me a list of things to stop doing, things I was no longer allowed. I thought that life would magically transform when my weight issue was fixed, “so just do your job, and get the weight off." I’m not exaggerating, I was delusional. 

Looking back it kills me to know how much time I wasted not knowing that my unhappiness, depression, lack of fulfillment, was causing me to overeat, crave sugar, have a screwed up digestion system and just an overall lack of motivation to make positive choices. 

I am absolutely fascinated with looking at the whole picture of your life. That is because for me, my health never got better, I held on to all kinds of weight, until I looked and worked at the whole picture. Not work on my health, the way I ate or exercised. Instead I explored who I am, what I want, what I’m passionate about, what I need more or less of in my life. I can’t tell you how many people have come to me for help with their health and we end up working on a bunch of other areas in their life (which is why you will love or hate working with me!)

What if you are so caught up in your head trying to fix your situation, you are literally sprinting in circles around the one thing you actually need. To be reconnected to yourself. 

I am by no means saying there is not importance in how and what we eat, there sure is. The problem lies in how we focus on it and try to “fix” ourselves and our behaviour. The biggest change/improvement/transformation happened in my life when I stopped searching for answers and committing to “plans”. You see plans focus on future actions, not present moment actions. And true change happens in a moment, as in right now.  

What if all this future planning is robbing you of energy you could be using to take action right now?

Have goals, have a vision for what you want, but don't get caught up in the over planning of how to get there. Don't fool yourself, planning is procrastinating. The moment you shift from thinking to doing, your life changes.

If you are currently unhappy with an area in your life, if you are feeling stuck or lost on what it is you need to do for things to change. I want you to know the work you have to do is so incredibly simple, but not easy:

Work on you and your health will thrive. 

Work on you and you will have complete clarity on what you want your life to look like. 

Work on you and you will love your job. 

Work on you and your relationship with yourself and every other person in your life will transform.

How do you work on you? Get silent and get to know yourself. Learn to trust yourself. Learn to tap into your intuition when making choices. Learn what it is you want and need. Learn to believe in yourself.

Drop the struggle of trying to find a solution to what you want to change. You have nothing you need to fix. Feeling like you need to fix something in your life, creates baggage that keeps you stuck until you find a way to drop it. Instead you need to start from a blank, clean slate. 

Ask yourself, what do you want to create?

Then take small steps. One at a time, from where you are, towards where you want to be. In your health, in your business/career, in your life.