My experience with cupping.

Something I’ve become overtly aware of is the lack of connection I have felt towards my body. You could say I've spent most of my life turned off, rather than tuned in. 

When you hear “mind, body, spirit”, they are grouped together for a reason. When you're able to operate and embody all three, you’re in your utmost power. That's the goal for me (and maybe you too?)

What I’ve learned from spending years in disconnect, there are blocks and areas of suppression within my body I need to take care of. In order for me to reconnect with my body and start to shift things I’ve been trying all sorts of things.

I want to share just one today: cupping.

What does it do?

Massage places pressure directly on your muscles, whereas cupping uses suction pressure to pull your tissue and muscles upward. One of the many benefits it helps with is pulling out toxins that linger in our tissues. This is done by opening the nerves so that blood can be released to the parts of the body which need it most. This allows blood to flow into the liver better, a natural way to detox. By the looks of my marks (different spots relate to different organs), my liver needed some help! (It was a deep red/purple)

And since most ask: Does it hurt?

It feels like someone is pinching your skin, tolerable but not super comfortable. Overall I would say the whole treatment is relaxing, which also helps with my digestion because I hold a lot of stress in my stomach.

By taking the time to connect whether it be a yoga class or having a cupping session, I am now starting to look at these small acts it as a true gift to my body.

After all your body does for you, maybe consider gifting it a little more.

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