Is the fear of judgement holding you back?

Authenticity is a buzz word these days, with everyone striving to be perceived as authentic. The irony of the filters not only placed on our physical body (due to the heightened awareness of others perception of us), but also the process of filtering our own voice, story, beliefs, ideas, leads us further away from ever being perceived as authentic.

Dreams, desires and ideas placed through this filtration system rarely survive. We become buried under layers of fears and self-consciousness with the anticipated reaction of birthing them into the world.

We’re all overwhelmed by the idea of other people's opinions and expectations of us. Lets look at this further, do you really think everyone in the world is sitting back and watching your life? Your every move? That they are taking precious time out of their own life to criticize you as ruthlessly as you do?

Yet the abstract idea that they just might be- is leaving you crippled and stuck.

If this is you…

Your challenge is to make an effort everyday to bring out your true self. To take responsibility for valuing and appreciating your own creative talents, thoughts, ideas, above anyone else's judgment. 

Its a process, a journey to become independent and free of the need to please others or to be seen a certain way. Start by sharing something that you’ve been scared to share or take an action that you’ve been fearing will draw opinions. 

If it is aligned with who you truly are, here's what I can guarantee: the feeling of releasing it (you) into the world will feel far greater than the effects and implications of suppressing yourself 💛