How do you go from being in a job you hate to a career you're passionate about?

I've been getting the question, how do you go from being in a job you hate to a career you're passionate about?

For me it was a decision I made a couple years ago to change things up, because the path I was heading down was, well dull. I figured why not dive into my interests and figure out what the hell I am passionate about. You know all that stuff you find yourself drawn to? Hours spent on youtube, flipping to that section first in the newspaper, browsing blogs, book marking articles, filling your book shelves with the subject. That stuff. That good stuff that can lead you to what you are meant to do, but if only it were that simple. If it was, more people would be doing what they love for a living and I’d be out of business, because discovering? Thats easy. Doing something with it, thats the work.

You can spend a weekend seminar with Tony, work your way through a season of Super Soul Sunday, finish a Gabby Bernstein book or spend years drowning yourself in self help material, but it is not until you take action (not learn about the action you need to take!) that you’ll discover the work that needs to get done. They’ll be an explosion of feelings that come up, fear of failure, of judgement, lack of belief in yourself, the need for approval or permission to act. If you feel that stuff come up, great! We’ve confirmed you’re human. 

If you take one action step while experiencing one of those icky feelings, you’ve made progress towards your transformation. 

This work has led me to where I am now. On a path, with a passion based business that is evolving. My passions change which reflect in my writing, my learning and my coaching. You see, I never want to put myself out there as this all knowing life coach figure, preaching how you need to live your life. (To be honest, hate the title) but title aside, I followed my passions and skills which led me to become a coach.

People are not joking when they refer to starting a business or doing passionate work as the ultimate in self development. Let me tell you, the crap (inner work) you need to dig through in order to put yourself out there in the world as a coach or leader in transformation is something else. Never stops. You can gather all the credentials (which I’m semi addicted to doing by the way) but the work has never been in the credentials, it's been through owning the title and the fact that I am ready. 

When you own your craft/ your passion/ your calling, you will be open to receive it as a career. If you step into the feelings and fears that are holding you back, its right there waiting for you.

That calling you have deep down, is it hard to own it? Is it hard to feel worthy of? The irony comes because the work itself most likely comes the easiest to you (your art, your craft, your skills) but owning it? It's a hard job.

And staying stuck in a job you hate is hard.

Again, it's a choice.

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