Your Inner Child.

Why inner child work is important: our deepest beliefs and fears about ourselves, the world and others were developed as children. If you’re feeling any type of negative emotion (shame, guilt, fear) you’re most likely holding onto memories from the past.

In an effort to come up with different methods to heal and release I put myself through the ringer this morning. Here is an exercise I came up with to help me (and you) dig a little into the past:

Get a pen and paper. 

Pick a grade or an age from your childhood. 


Close your eyes and start to visualize:

  • Where did you live?

  • What were your parents like at that time?

  • Who was your teacher?

  • Who was your best friend?

  • What was your favourite outfit?

  • What did you love to do?

Now write out answers to anything that comes up from these questions: 

  • Did you ever get made fun of or bullied?

  • Make a mistake and get punished?

  • Fail at something?

  • Made to feel you were not enough?

  • Did you ever feel ashamed? Guilty? Abandoned?

  • Like you didn’t fit in?

Let it all out, write it all out.

Why do this?

Our subconscious holds the feelings of these events and can replay them our entire life until they are fully acknowledged and healed. The first step in processing is awareness.

When we bring awareness to the emotion we can then create a safe place for us to fully feel it and release it.