It's Not About The Food.

I use to focus on food with the hopes that it would transform the way I felt, and ultimately my life. I would dive deep in the world of diets, exploring and studying every answer to every symptom I self diagnosed. The extra weight? The depression? The need to binge eat? Its gotta be my diet, right? Yep, years spent searching for the answer to my host of problems, while mentally exhausting myself trying to be fixed.

There are certain things we put into our body that instantly have an effect on how we feel. Everyone knows that god awful feeling of waking up after a food or alcohol binge, the self loathing, the negative self talk because well, you feel like crap, and someone needs to be punished for it. Might as well blame yourself, your lack of willpower and self control.

I used to do what most still do- sooth the pain with an elaborate future action plan. Juice cleanse, meal delivery, fasting, paleo, no carb, no meat, no alcohol. That restriction mindset? A real buzz kill. Its like you turn to into a parent and set yourself a time out or you channel a military grade coach to discipline your ass.

We know when we feel shitty, but often trace it to the wrong things. We focus on the behaviour itself, and fail to look at what triggered the behaviour. Actions are looked at as either positive or negative; good or bad, especially when it comes to our health. And to solve those nasty, negative, good for nothing actions, we self profess, going forward we will NEVER do any of it again and instead stick to a carefully calculated plan. Not yet having living proof that it is in fact something you can stick too.. But hey, it soothes the un-comfort you are experiencing in the moment, and you are convinced you’ll be real good, real holy with your decisions in the future.

You see, we binge on negative actions and try to fix it by binging on future positive plans.

Is anyone else picking up that this whole cycle DOES NOT in fact work!?

I believe our obsession over fixing our behaviour and our bodies, is our biggest form of procrastination. Which actually leads us further away from making positive changes in our life, costing us time and energy.

Americans spend over $60,000,000,000 to lose weight, every year! That's sixty billion dollars. What if instead we shifted from trying to lose and instead ask ourselves where in life we can gain? What if we shifted our focus, leading to more positive behaviour naturally? 

When you step back and look at your life, is there purpose and passion? Are you doing what you love on a daily bases? Are you being true to who you are?

These are all opportunities for you to add more into your life.

And answering these questions will have a bigger impact on your life than consuming some green juice or staying on that diet for 30 days. This is why I've stopped focusing on just nutrition to help people transform.

Its not about the food, it's never about the food or your body or your finances, or whatever it is your working so desperately hard to change.

Its about something way greater. 

Look at your priorities, rearrange them so that you put effort towards what's important in your life every single day. If there is something you want to fix, and you're running in circles, lacking motivation to actually follow through and do something about it..

You need to stop focusing on fixing (its not motivating) & start focusing on creating.

Create something big for your life, that excites you, gives your life purpose and wakes you up to a world of possibility.