The reason you feel overwhelmed.

Are you spending all your time and energy gathering information on what you should be doing? 

I was coaching an entrepreneur this morning and thought I'd share the advice I gave her here: 

You don't need another webinar promising to share the latest secrets to success, you don't need another self help book, you don't need to keep observing other people's actions to see how to be successful. Please stop absorbing other's actions and put that time into your own.

At any given time we are either absorbing or creating.

Look at how you spend your day, what percentage is absorbing (scrolling social media)? What about creating (writing, speaking, serving)? 

Spend 80 percent of your time creating and being in a place of action.

This time investment will strengthen your voice, make your work more unique and actually produce results in your business. When we are caught up in absorbing, we get trapped in overwhelm and compare ourselves to others. We start to question our own ability, losing sight of our path. This is what feeds procrastination and lack of results in your business.

I like to relate trying to make it in the online business world, like following a diet. Hear me out: The more you are over gathering information, "experts" conflicting opinions, you lose sight of the basics. Just like eating a healthy diet should be simple, so should running your business. The more you follow diets the further away you get from trusting yourself and being in flow.

The more you over consume information, the further away you get from taking action in your business.