It's Not About The Food.

I use to focus on food with the hopes that it would transform the way I felt, and ultimately my life. I would dive deep in the world of diets, exploring and studying every answer to every symptom I self diagnosed. The extra weight? The depression? The need to binge eat? Its gotta be my diet, right? Yep, years spent searching for the answer to my host of problems, while mentally exhausting myself trying to be fixed.

What do you struggle with?

Lets talk about 'the struggle'. We all have one or many, and it can suck you of time, energy and even cost you relationships. Mine was my health and weight. So naturally I spent hours studying what to do, how to do it, and chase any shiny object that had the answers to my problem. This led me to becoming a Nutritionist. I mean if you're an expert thats got to get rid of the struggle, right?

Post Weekend Food Guilt.

You wake up Monday morning, you ate a ton of "bad food" on the weekend, you feel sluggish and bloated. Those temporary enjoyments are leaving you full of regret. What do you automatically do? Most plan drastic actions to undo the damage. You plan on "good behavior" all week, salads, workouts, juices etc. Sound familiar?



It starts with a craving, a little voice telling you to reach for something more. You've finished your meal, no signs of hunger but you start feeling snacky. You open the fridge grab some fruit..nope, not satisfied. You move to the cupboard, its got to be salty you are after, you grab the half eaten bag of chips, better polish it off. You know whats great with salty? Something sweet! Back to the freezer, ice creams calling.