What you need to start an Online Business.

Too often in coaching sessions people tell me they fantasize about escaping their current job or career. That their unhappiness and symptoms of depression are nothing but a byproduct of what they do for a living. And if the job were just to change, well then they’d find themselves living a completely different life. The intrigue of leaving the old behind and running to something new and exciting, chasing “freedom”, it's more than tempting. I know, I impulsively chased it and it was the best decision I ever made. Hard as hell at times but worth it. Which brings me to why I am writing this. There are small moments of glitz and glamour in this entrepreneur online world, which is what it being shown to you (social media). Awareness of what's behind the curtain will save you from blindly jumping towards it. 

The key to finding your purpose.

Ever feel like you’re floating from one job, one career to the next? Take it from someone who has done just that. The ridiculous amount of jobs I had in my twenties:

Fitness Instructor, undercover researcher, waitress, event planner for the olympics, real estate project manager, tennis instructor, communications coordinator, key leader at lululemon, nutritionist, life coach…All while floating from one degree to the next, 3 in total and countless certifications.

All the time spent aimlessly wandering from job to job, yet I knew exactly what I wanted: to work for myself. I just didn’t know how or when, but I knew I was meant for it.

How to start using social media, instead of watching others use it.

How often are you meeting up with old friends and potential new friends in person? And how much time are you scrolling social media? The reality is scary. The time spent on our phones is only increasing. Instead of trying to resist what is happening in today's culture, embrace it. Use social media to connect. Here's how:

So you want to start a Passion-Based Business?

Do you ever get that "what the hell am I doing with my life" feeling? Like maybe you realize all your decisions leading up to this point in your life were made to please someone else? Maybe you choose to travel the expected, predictable road that would keep you safe and taken care of?

What it's really like working with a Business Coach.

What it's really like working with a Business Coach.

I started my business at the beginning of the year after graduating with my third degree, as a Nutritionist. I was fully aware of my purpose ten years ago, to coach, to help others through personal transformation. I also needed the time in my twenties to go through mine first.

I graduated and was ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. I spent more and more hours on the computer, building a website, creating blog content and keeping up with social media. I started to be bombarded with beautiful (sponsored) photos of women and men covering my newsfeed promising to share their secrets. Whether it was how they went from rags to riches, or achieved freedom based 'five figure months'. I knew these messages were false, but I also knew I needed help to guide me.