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Why overeating is not your fault and what to do about it.

As you may have heard me confess before, I have struggled in the past with binge eating. It became my full time job trying to solve the problem, I could bore you with all of the tactics, tools and things I tried but why don’t we cut to the fact that the biggest shift happened when I realized:

A Nutritionist who doesn’t want to talk about food. We’ve got a problem, or do we?

I called my best friend last week, “I’m done with food, I don’t want to tell people what to eat.” A thought that has been eating away at me for the past few months. I can’t deny the fact every sign and gut wrenching thought telling me its not what people need. You see when I start working with a new client they immediately want a plan, THE plan

Don't weight on life.

Don't weight on life.

There's a time I'm not proud of, a time I let my weight on a scale determine my happiness. I took any problem I had, and related it to the way I looked. I held back my career, I lost friends and relationships and put life on pause. Putting myself out there in the world was uncomfortable, but the truth is I was extremely uncomfortable in my body.

I believe our obsession over fixing our bodies, is our biggest form of procrastination.