Why overeating is not your fault and what to do about it.

As you may have heard me confess before, I have struggled in the past with binge eating. It became my full time job trying to solve the problem, I could bore you with all of the tactics, tools and things I tried but why don’t we cut to the fact that the biggest shift happened when I realized:

Post Weekend Food Guilt.

You wake up Monday morning, you ate a ton of "bad food" on the weekend, you feel sluggish and bloated. Those temporary enjoyments are leaving you full of regret. What do you automatically do? Most plan drastic actions to undo the damage. You plan on "good behavior" all week, salads, workouts, juices etc. Sound familiar?



It starts with a craving, a little voice telling you to reach for something more. You've finished your meal, no signs of hunger but you start feeling snacky. You open the fridge grab some fruit..nope, not satisfied. You move to the cupboard, its got to be salty you are after, you grab the half eaten bag of chips, better polish it off. You know whats great with salty? Something sweet! Back to the freezer, ice creams calling.