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Kill Resistance.

I used to wait my life away and wasted years not being myself. Resisting everything I could be and could do. I’d go through the motions of a redundant routine hoping for a spark of motivation tomorrow, hoping that one day things would be different. Tomorrow always held the hope that I’d feel good enough to be myself, to take action, to put myself out there. I’d create problems that I’d need to fix. Listing things about myself that made me not ready. Did you know that shitty mindset is actually just resistance? 

What it's really like working with a Business Coach.

What it's really like working with a Business Coach.

I started my business at the beginning of the year after graduating with my third degree, as a Nutritionist. I was fully aware of my purpose ten years ago, to coach, to help others through personal transformation. I also needed the time in my twenties to go through mine first.

I graduated and was ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. I spent more and more hours on the computer, building a website, creating blog content and keeping up with social media. I started to be bombarded with beautiful (sponsored) photos of women and men covering my newsfeed promising to share their secrets. Whether it was how they went from rags to riches, or achieved freedom based 'five figure months'. I knew these messages were false, but I also knew I needed help to guide me.