Don't weight on life.

There's a time I'm not proud of, a time I let my weight on a scale determine my happiness. I took any problem I had, and related it to the way I looked. I held back my career, I lost friends and relationships and put life on pause. Putting myself out there in the world was uncomfortable, but the truth is I was extremely uncomfortable in my body.

I believe our obsession over fixing our bodies, is our biggest form of procrastination.

We lose moments, memories, and years waiting. Waiting to be fixed, waiting till things are perfect. The mindset that you are not ready for your life, convinces you to believe you're not perfect enough to live it right now.

We fixate on our image because it's the only thing we can physically see when it comes to ourselves and it's easy to judge. We cannot easily see our mindset, our heart, our thoughts, our inner workings. These things only come with self awareness, with silence and a desire to explore the world inside ourselves.

There may be shame, regret, some negative thoughts and a whole lot of emotion, but it is there you will find the beauty of who you are. You will quickly see your weight, your physical body, as such a trivial part of all that you are.

Ask yourself, what would your 90 year old self tell you right now? I can always hear back, "Honey, have fun, life's short." And with that I let go of negative thoughts almost instantly. I want a life full of moments, full of experiences, a life lived comfortable and confident in my skin. Yes, it can take work, especially with messages we are suffocated with. But please, do the inner work.

Rewire any toxic thought patterns and let go of any need to wait. Jump in and live now.

You are worthy and meant to live up to all that you can be, every single day.

Remember nothing will make you feel ready, not once you achieve x, look like x, weigh x... It is simply a choice.

The beautiful thing is that you can choose to be ready for life right now, go after your goals and dreams today.