Your choice.

You know that Gwyneth Paltrow movie- Sliding Doors? It showcased two parallel universes where Gwyneth loses her job and finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. In one universe, she makes her subway train just in time to come home and catch her boyfriend in the act. In the other, she misses that train. How that split moment in time changed her entire life… 

I think about this often, life and our never ending series of choices.

I don’t necessarily believe in bad choices if they are coming from the right place (we’re not talking murder, stealing here).  I’m talking “bad choices” that are made a) from a fear based place b) we are trying to please other people c) we don’t trust ourselves enough and get other people to choose for us.

There is a saying that good decisions come from experience and experience only comes from bad decisions. Basically, make many mistakes or “bad choices”, learn and gain wisdom to then make better choices. 

If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life you most likely need to explore and find what path will provide that feeling. Which will involve a hell of a lot of experimenting, making choices and failing in order to learn. 

I’m all for traveling down different paths and often suggest it to clients who are seeking change in their life. We could talk for hours about how something could feel (eg. change in career, change in where you live) but really who’s to tell whether it will be right till you try it? Its been a theme in coaching calls these past couple weeks, I think with the New Year coming many look at what they are doing with their lives more critically. And any sense that they may be done with the current path they are on, gets heightened. Some telling me they are craving quitting whatever they are doing all together, yearning for a fresh start.

Every choice we make puts us on a path, these paths we choose, all of them at some point or another get hard. My only warning is to never switch paths because of that sole reason, hard times will always follow you. Instead change because intuitively you know its no longer the right path and you’re ready to make a new choice. And you are fully aware if you remain where you are, you’re wasting time.


There’s something to be said about thinking and calculating a little less around choices, and instead turn to our internal compass and feel into choices a little more. 

Does it feel like the right choice? Ya?

Cool, go try it.