What questions are you trying to answer?


I wake up often with a somewhat nagging feeling that begs me to answer, what am I doing? With the day, with my week, with my life. 

I think we focus on questions because by answering enough of them we get closer to the truth of who we are and why we’re here. 

It's kind of exciting to think that a lot of us could be just one question and one decision away from leading a more happy, fulfilling life.

I opened my records in meditation recently and started asking questions. I want to share exactly what came to me word for word in hopes that it might help someone else. 

What is missing for me right now?

You’re missing your own spark. You must put effort in to light yourself up each and every morning. 

How do you light yourself up? 

Through awareness of your purpose, passion, creativity, exploration. By looking at the day ahead you can spark excitement about all that is possible.

Why does the old habit of overeating keep coming back? 

It's your comfort, your safety. Without it, you would be powerful and that scares you. It is the thing that you allow in your life to hold yourself back. It's your reason you wait until you’re ready/perfect.

How do I stop? 

When you stop the habit. Presence and awareness of behaviour in the moment, not planning to be present. Change happens in the now.

What would help me right now in my journey? 

To commit to the work, do as much as you can to connect with self, create from the space, nurture your soul, tell others how you’re doing it and share through experience. Take the pressure and judgement off yourself and let them see the real you.

My relationship with Dave?

You’re meant to be together to help assist on each others journey. Dave is your comfort, your soul is safe and protected around him. Put yourself out to the world and know you have the right people to come home to, nothing to fear.

What do others need to know that I can share?

You need to speak authentically to what is going on with you. Your thoughts, fears, emotions, experiences.

If you have some questions and you're looking for answers: get a notepad and pen, sit in meditation for a few minutes and then ask. Write what answers come.