To the aspiring entrepreneur.

When it comes to picking your career, you balance pleasing others with what is expected of you. You do as your parents say, get the university degree, get your best suit on and land a corporate job. You find something that you can tolerate, that pays the bills and convince yourself you're lucky to be employed. Days become years, and you fail to find passion in what you do. You find hobbies on the side, but soon realize work takes more of your time than anything else in your life. And you are hit with the inevitable "what the hell am I doing with my life?"

So you quit.

Its the start of a new chapter for you, as you walk your ass to the self help section in chapters to figure out what chapter that is. Its not that you have a problem, its that you need answers. Guidance and someone to just friggin hand you a step-by-step life manual that actually leaves you happy and fulfilled.

I've heard us self-entitled millennials don't like being told what to do. Is it that we actually have a problem with authority and getting to work? Or is it that we can't stand to put our head down, blinders on, run the rat race in order to "put in time"? 

Definition of self-entitled: "A feeling that one deserves more than one actually does." Does craving more passion, more sense of purpose and a feeling of more freedom make us self-entitled? Do we need to put in 30 years in the corporate world doing work we can't stand before we are allowed to feel deserving of it? Tell me, what do you think?

I can tell you confidently I am a BIG fan of passion work and think its inspiring when people get paid to do something they love. So if you don't want to answer to someone else when it comes to your work, that leaves you with the option of being an entrepreneur. As much as I want a freedom based business for everyone, it is also my never ending quest to pull black the curtain and warn you its not glitz and glam but absolutely possible!

What to expect if you become a passion-based entrepreneur:

1. Be prepared to work on yourself BEFORE you can ever work on a business.

You may have all the skills and talent in the world, but it's your mindset that determines your success. We are all over trained in physical skills to do jobs, but not in the mental training required to stay the course. Dare I say, your confidence in your abilities is more important than your talent.

2. Know that self doubt is normal but not acceptable.

You will question your ability, was it just an interest, a hobby? Am I good enough to make this work? The answer is always yes, if you are ready to get uncomfortable, face your insecurities and step into believing in yourself. Do you know that's the hardest part about going after something? Not the work itself, but convincing ourselves that we are incredibly capable and worthy. If you want to create something be ready to be your number one fan, motivator and believer. You ready for that?

3. Move towards your fears.

Its unavoidable, please know this: You CANNOT have freedom without experiencing fear. When you lack clarity, you will experience fear. When the outside world is silent and not delivering validation, you will experience fear. When you put yourself out there in a vulnerable way, that will inevitably lead to judgement, you will experience fear. You will learn quickly to feel the fear, and act anyway.

4. Drop your belief there is a "right time" to do things.

Waiting wastes precious time. Waiting is a form of procrastination. You no longer have the luxury of waiting, because it will allow more fear, and crippling self doubt to creep in. The quicker you act, the more you will create. Thinking and pondering your next move GETS YOU NO WHERE. And the only way you learn, grow and move forward is through creating.

5. Stop seeking outside validation.

Stop looking for validation from others before you go after something you want. How much time have you wasted waiting for permission from yourself or others before you act? Getting reassurance is addicting and some people live their entire lives based on it. I believe it's a sure way to experience regret in your life. The more I've tuned into what decisions that felt right, opposed to what I "should do" the more I was able to start creating a life on my terms and empower others to do the same.

I believe deep down we all know what we want, we just need to go for it!

6. Keep things SIMPLE. 

What complicates things? Letting others opinions in, consuming an overload of "shoulds", thinking you need all the steps before you start. Signing up for every damn webinar, buying every self help book, promising the secrets to success.

A dream, a desire, a goal.. you have everything within you right now to go for it. The more you try and figure everything out or need all the answers before you take the first step, the more you weigh yourself down with excuses. Set yourself free by taking steps that feel right, put in the work and trust. Trust that the right path will appear, regardless if you can see it or not. And most importantly trust in yourself. 

At the end of the day this is your life, ask yourself what do you really want your life to look like? 

If you are looking for coaching on clarity get someone who speaks to inner and outer work. Get someone who's not going to just throw you a manual, but is there to talk to every step of the way and push you through any fears that may come up. Get someone to keep you accountable, and whose passion lies in your success. 

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