Do you have a health or weight loss goal?

Feel overwhelmed with what to do, what to eat and how to change your habits? 

Having trouble staying motivated and on track?

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Introducing the:

3 Week Nutrition Club!

It's time for you to feel amazing and step into the best version of you.

Lets create a simple feel-good plan for you to reach your weight loss goals with ease!

Lets create the transformation you want!

As a Certified Nutritionist and Health expert there is nothing that excites me more than helping someone transform. I truly believe it starts with your health, how you feel physically and mentally.

I want you to feel confident, at ease and motivated to create habits that allow you to look and feel your best!

Its time for you to get: A simple action plan laid out, be held accountable, receive support & have your own personal cheerleader!

My coaching is right for you if:

  • You’re ready and motivated to make changes in your current habits so you can get the results you desire and deserve.

  • You are looking for accountability and to have all your questions answered.

  • You are looking for ways to simplify what you have to do to create a healthy lifestyle.

What you get:

  • 3 week plan filled with tools to get you on track and start feeling great!

  • Knowledge that will empower you to make the right food choices for your body and goals.

  • Learn what foods/style of eating is best for weight loss.

  • Access to me in a private facebook group: recipes posted, videos, questions and answers.

Value of program: over $200

Early bird price: only $49 for the full 3 weeks of coaching!! 



You will NOT find a more VALUE PACKED, weight loss package with EXCLUSIVE access to tools and support at such a low cost!

How it works:

Once you purchase the $49 program, you will be added to the private facebook group where all the information will be laid out for you. You will have everything you need to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle! I am so excited to help you on your journey :)


Keira McCredie is a Certified Nutritionist and Transformation Coach. In a world overcrowded with diets and rules when it comes to your health, Keira brings a refreshing simplistic approach to healthy living, she teaches people to simply swap out foods for the healthier version. Her easy recipes and straight-forward nutrition advice helps people get unstuck and take action! 



What clients say:

Keira took the time to really listen. She made me feel comfortable to open up about talk about things I hadn't shared with anyone else. I started working with Keira because I wanted to stop binge eating. She made some simple changes to my diet and gave me tools to help with stress. All of her suggestions and guidance helped me so much! I feel so much happier and in control of my life. - Ashley, Toronto

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